My work as an artist spans several fields and I continue to integrate those into regular artistic inquiries and productions.  I am a maker at heart but have developed professionally as an educator, writer, and an observer, sociological, photo- and video-graphic.  I often use themes related to child domains: my performance work has been understood as a type of clowning, as the characters I have created consistently cross boundaries and make commentary about the pieces as they are going on.  My visual art work, paintings, drawings, textile sculptures, tends to be colorful and mysterious as I bring forth images from my subconscious, both abstract and figurative. My abstract work tends towards the expressionistic.  In my figurative pieces, I am particularly drawn to bird and bird-like images. I feel that these birdish images represent the dualisms I am trying to understand and reveal in my work: traversing heaven and earth, simultaneous strength and vulnerability, and ancient dinosauric lineage combined with short life spans marked by fleeting quick gestures and rhythms. The work I produce in all the fields I occupy is focused on understanding the patterns and practices of these dichotomies and paradoxes and our human adaptations to them.

Artist Statement